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Utils Class Reference

Class containing utility functions More...

Static Public Member Functions

static IList< Type > GetTypes (string name_space)
 Get all types in a namespace More...
static Func< A, R > Memoize< A, R > (this Func< A, R > f)
 Memoize a function More...
static void Shuffle< T > (this IList< T > list)
 Shuffle a list in-place More...

Detailed Description

Class containing utility functions

Member Function Documentation

static IList<Type> GetTypes ( string  name_space)

Get all types in a namespace

name_spacea string describing the namespace
a list of Type objects
static Func<A, R> Memoize< A, R > ( this Func< A, R >  f)

Memoize a function

fThe function to memoize
a version of the function that remembers past function results
static void Shuffle< T > ( this IList< T >  list)

Shuffle a list in-place

Fisher-Yates shuffle, see–Yates_shuffle

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